All programs to be held at the Hotel Bethlehem

Thursday, October 8, 7:30 P.M. The Oral-Aural Experience: Burney's The Witlings

Chair: Peter Staffel, West Liberty State College 
Friday, October 9, 7:15-8:30: Executive Breakfast

Friday, October 9, 8:30-10:00: Session One

1A. Race, Religion, and the Clash of Cultures
Chair: Michelle LeMaster, Lehigh University
  • Richard Bailey, Canisius College, “Carnal Knowledge, Punishment, and Patience: At an Intersection of Sex, Religion, and Race in Puritan New England”
  • Joy A. J. Howard, Purdue University, “Jonathan Edwards in Indian Country: Hearing Rebecca Kellogg Ashley's Voice”
  • Judith Ridner, Muhlenberg College, “(Re)Assessing Loudon's Indian Narratives as Text on Race and Ethnic Identity on the Mid-Atlantic Frontier”
  • Scott Michael Wert, Lehigh University, “ 'I wish a True Christian': Conrad Weiser, Indian Beliefs and Colonial Theologizing”
1B. Nature, Landscapes, and Urban Rambles
Chair: Sarah Fatherly, Otterbein College
  • James P. Myers, Gettysburg College, “No Extravagant Wonders: Swedish Naturalist Pehr Kalm Confronts the Sublime at Niagara Falls, 1750”
  • Marie McAllister, University of Mary Washington, “Farming in Emma
  • Peter Briggs, Bryn Mawr College, “Ned Ward of Grub Street: An English Flaneur?”
  • Michael Gunther, Lehigh University, “Military Ecology and the Late Colonial Wars for Empire”
1C. The Eighteenth-Century Gothic
Chair: Sandro Jung, University of Salford
  • Madhuchhanda Ray Choudhury, Duquesne University, “The Spectre, the Spectacle and the Spectacular Redefined in The Necromancer
  • David Fine, Lehigh University, “Let Me Feel Death and Shame but Once: Rethinking The Missionary’s Sensibility”
  • Elisa Beshero-Bondar, University of Pittsburgh, Greensburg, “Southey’s Scientific Gothic: Heretical Duality and Galvanized Androids in Thalaba the Destroyer
  • Melissa Wehler, Duquesne University, “Revising Ophelia: Joanna Baillie's Orra and the Tradition of Madwomen”
1D. Restoration Drama and Dramatists
Chair: Linda Merians, Stony Brook University
  • David Wallace Spielman, Pennsylvania State University, “Experimentation in English Drama, 1660-1671”
  • Robert Hume, Pennsylvania State University, “Feniza or The Ingeniouse Mayde: A ‘Lost’ Carolean Comedy Found—and a Source for Shadwell’s The Amorous Bigotte
  • Rebecca Lush, University of Maryland, “Romance and Rebellion: Political and Cultural Anxieties in Behn’s The Widow Ranter

10:00 - 10:15: Coffee Break - Sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences' Dean's Office, Lehigh University


Friday, October 9, 10:15-11:45: Session Two

2A. The Seductive Menace: The Dangers of Popery
Chair: Monica Najar, Lehigh University
  • Teri Doerksen, Mansfield University of Pennsylvania, “Catholicism, Danger, and Womanly Virtue: Clarissa Harlowe and the Appropriation of Catholic Iconography”
  • Rebecca Cepek, Duquesne University, “Remembering the Virgin Mary: Resisting the Normative in Lewis' The Castle Spectre
  • Frédéric Conrod, Creighton University, “Dialogue between a Libertine and a Pope in Histoire de Juliette
  • Elizabeth Lambert, Gettysburg College, “Meanwhile Back at the Ranch: Edmund Burke's Outlaw Irish Relations”
2B. Blurring the Boundaries: Religion and Passion in the Arts: Session I
Chair: L. Reesman, Queensborough Community College; The City University of New York
  • James M. McGlathery, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, “Passion and Fidelity in Mozart's Abduction from the Seraglio
  • Dale Katherine Ireland, California State University, East Bay, “With Anger, Zeal and Love: Samuel Johnson on the Inutility of Useful Passion”
  • JoAnn Udovich, Independent Scholar, Fairfield, PA, "Passion in the Concert Hall; C.H. Graun’s Der Tod Jesu in Berlin"
2C. Male Bodies Under Scrutiny
Chair: Linda Troost, Washington and Jefferson College
  • Anna K. Sagal, Georgetown University, “What a Junketing Piece of Work: Bodily and Textual Profanities in Tristram Shandy
  • Danielle Spratt, Fordham University, “Travels into Several Emasculations"
  • Suzanne Cook, Duquesne University, “Macheath at the Scaffold: Fetishization of the Criminal Body in John Gay's The Beggar's Opera
2D. Literary Recall: Translation and Adaptation in 18th-Century Texts
Chair: Martha Reid, Moravian College
  • Andrew Heisel, Yale University, “No Language: Pope's Language of the Heart”
  • Kathryn Temple, Georgetown University, "William Blackstone's Poetics of Law: Concordia Discors in the Commentaries"
  • Jennifer McKim, Temple University, “The Aesthetics of Originality: The Dunciad, Milton, and the Eighteenth-Century Reader”

Friday, October 9, 11:45-1:00: Lunch


Friday, October 9, 1:00-2:30: Session Three

3A. Discovering Mom in the Convent: Representations of Maternity in Gothic Literature
Chair: Elizabeth Dolan, Lehigh University
  • Lisa Wilson, SUNY Potsdam, “'The Power of [Women's] Self-Defense: Mary Robinson's Critique of Gothic Chivalry"
  • Laura Engel, Duquesne University, “Phantasmic Performances: Gothic Maternity in Mary Robinson's Life of Mrs. Robinson Written by Herself (1801)”
  • Marilyn Francus, West Virginia University, “When Will These Discoveries End? Gothic Motherhood in Radcliffe’s The Italian
3B. Eighteenth-Century Poetry
Chair: Marie Wellington, University of Mary Washington
  • Sandro Jung, University of Salford, “Illustrations of Thomson’s The Seasons in the 1790s”
  • Catherine Keohane, Montclair State University, “Lur'd by the Tale: Ann Yearsley's "Clifton Hill" and its Lessons in Reading and Responding”
  • Walter Gershuny, Northeastern University, “At the Altar of Frailty in Eighteenth-Century Poetry”
  • Rodney Mader, West Chester University, "Pennsylvania Pensorosos, Or, Somber Mood and Solitude in Delaware Valley Poetry"
3C. Samuel Johnson at 300
Chair: Gene Hammond, SUNY Stony Brook
  • Raymond D. Tumbleson, Kutztown University, “Monovalence and Inclusion: Voicing the Voiceless and The Rambler's Correspondents”
  • Sylvia Marks, Polytechnic Institute of NYU, “The Fountains: Samuel Johnson’s Fairy Tale”
  • John Radner, George Mason University, “Johnson's Fear of Death and Boswell's Biography”
3D. Moravians in the New World
Chair: Kate Carte Engel, Texas A & M University
  • Bettina Hessler, Northwestern University, “The Embodiment of an Imagined Community: Moravians in an Eighteenth-Century Transatlantic World”
  • Marshall Becker, West Chester University, “Indians and Moravians in the Forks of Delaware, Pennsylvania: Two Immigrant Groups at the Center of a World Trade”
  • Gregory Ablavsky, University of Pennsylvania, “The Count Between Heaven and Earth: Zinzendorf’s New World Travels and the Challenge of Race”
  • Paul Peucker, Moravian Archives, “Moravian Recordkeeping”

Friday, October 9, 2:45-4:15 : Session Four

4A. Marriage and the Family in the Long Eighteenth Century
Chair: Joy Howard, Purdue University
  • Lori Halvorsen Zerne, West Virginia University, “That Amiable Family: The Redefinition of Female Duty in Sarah Scott’s Millenium Hall
  • Emily Shreve, Lehigh University , “Three (Mary)ges: Critiques of the Institution in Robinson, Hays, and Wollstonecraft”
  • Rita Kurtz, Lehigh University, Diseasing Amoranda’s Body: The Logic of Torture-Punishment and Confession in Mary Davy’s The Reformed Coquet
  • Jan Stahl, Borough of Manhattan Community College/CUNY “Psychosexual Family Drama in Matthew Lewis’ The Monk
4B. Research in Progress I
Chair: James E. May, Pennsylvania State University, DuBois Campus
  • A. Franklin Parks, Frostburg University, “The Anonymity of Printers”
  • Alvaro Ribeiro, S.J., Georgetown University, “Editing the Letters of Dr. Charles Burney”
  • Erica Neuffer, Brigham Young University, “Margaret Fuller’s Commonplace Books: A Neglected Source of her ‘Religion of Reason' ”
4C. Print, Pedagogy, Politics: Sacred and Secular Music in the Transatlantic 18th Century
Chair: Chris Phillips, Lafayette College
  • Chris Phillips, Lafayette College, “What Is That Whale Doing in My Poem?: A Strange Use of Psalm 104”
  • Christa Pehl, Princeton University, “Musical Life at the Moravian Young Ladies’ Seminary in the late Eighteenth Century”
  • Beverly Jerold, “An Eighteenth-Century Dream for Music Education”
4D. Bonds of Community in the American Colonies: Affection, Space, and Borders
Chair: Judith Ridner, Muhlenberg College
  • Christopher Fritsch, Weatherford College, “Defining the Pennsylvania German Community: Understanding Berks County Through Its Estate Records”
  • Tom Saxton, Lehigh University, “Cords of Memory: Family-Based Identity and the Formation of a Colonial Atlantic Community in Pennsylvania”
  • Robert Kaplan, Temple University, Rethinking the Affections: Materiality, Occult Qualities and the Bonds of Society"
4E. Influences on Postmodernism: Pynchon and Barth
Chair: Brian Chappell, Catholic University of America
  • Brian Chappell, Catholic University of America, "America's Own Boswell: Exploring Dialogic Authorship in John Barth's The Sot-Weed Factor and Thomas Pynchon's Mason & Dixon".
  • Andy Kuny, Georgetown University, "What's the Duck Doing in Mason & Dixon?"
  • Kevin Farrell, Catholic University, "Talking to Horses and Sleeping with Pigs: A Postmodern Gulliver in Gravity's Rainbow."

Friday, October 9, 4:30-6:00: Plenary

Jon Sensbach, University of Florida, "Spiritual Middle Passages: Women and Religion in the African Atlantic Diaspora” 

Friday, October 9, 6:00-8:00: Reception and Banquet


Saturday, October 10, 8:30-10:00: Session Five

5A. Writing the Blank Slate: Children and Education
Chair: Heikki Lempa, Moravian College
  • Bridget McFarland, New York University, “From Small Beginnings to Large Winnings: Financial Instruction for Children in Eighteenth-Century Britain”
  • Meghan Rosing, Lehigh University, “A Smaller and Still Smaller Circle: The Biographical Conversations of Mrs. Leicester’s School
  • Michael Albright, Lehigh University, “Imagining Positive School-Community Relations: Teachers and Texts in loco parentis
5B. Bibliography, Textual Studies, and Book History I
Chair: Judi Jennings, Kentucky Foundation for Women
  • Michael Gavin, Rutgers University, “From Manuscript to Print: Criticism and the Poetry of Anne Finch”
  • Catherine Parisian, University of North Carolina, Pembroke, "Frances Burney in America"
  • Emily C. Friedman, Auburn University, "Sacred Taboos: Mary Brunton's Posthumous Packaging"
5C. Swift Current Research Panel
Chair: Donald Mell, University of Delaware
  • Ashley Marshall, Pennsylvania State University
  • Catherine Skeen, Independent Scholar
  • Hugh Ormsby-Lennon
  • James Woolley, Lafayette College
5D. Religion, Reason, and the State
Chair: Jean Soderlund, Lehigh University
  • Kirsten Fischer, University of Minnesota, “Pantheism Comes to America: The Radical Religion of Elihu Palmer”
  • Jerry Weng, Yale University, “William Blake and the Varieties of Natural Religion"
  • Peter Wright, Brigham Young University, “Myth and National Identity in the Balkans: Tracing the Hasanagnica Text from the Eighteenth Century to the Present”

10:00 - 10:15: Coffee Break - Sponsored by Lehigh University Press

Saturday, October 10, 10:15-11:45: Session Six
6A. First Prejudice: Religious Tolerance and Intolerance in the Making of America
Chair: Christorpher Grenda, Bronx CC of the City University of New York
  • Jon Sensbach, University of Florida
  • William Pencak, Pennsylvania State University
  • Richard Pointer, Westmont College
  • Chris Beneke, Bentley University
  • Joyce Goodfriend, University of Denver
  • Christopher Grenda, Bronx CC of the City University of New York
6B. Bibliography, the ESTC, and 18th-Century Electronic Databases: A Roundtable
Chair: Eleanor Shevlin, West Chester University.
  • James E. May, Pennsylvania State University, DuBois
  • James Tierney, University of Missouri, St. Louis
  • David Vander Meulen, University of Virginia
  • Brian Geiger, ESTC, University of California, Riverside
  • Scott Dawson, Cengage-Gale
  • Benjamin Pauley, Eastern Connecticut State University
6C. Roundtable: Teaching Religion and the Eighteenth Century
Chair: Lisa Berglund, Buffalo State College
  • Theodore E. D. Braun, University of Delaware
  • Paul Kerry, Brigham Young University and Visiting Fellow at The Center for the Study of Jewish-Christian Relations, Corpus Christi College, University of Cambridge
  • Matthew J. Kinservik, University of Delaware
  • John Radner, George Mason University
6D. Another Look at the Rise of the Novel: Defoe, Richardson, Fielding
Chair: Michael Kramp, Independent Scholar
  • Joanne Myers, Gettysburg College, “Fielding and the Strangeness of Character”
  • Leah Orr, Pennsylvania State University, “Defoe as an Experimenter in Fiction”
  • Sarah Schuetze, University of Kentucky, “Collecting Clarissa: The Culture of Curiosity in Richardson's Clarissa

Saturday, October 10, 12:00 - 2:00: Business Lunch and Presidential Address

Geoffrey Sill, Rutgers University, "Odds and Evens: Sacred and Secular Gambling in the Transatlantic Eighteenth Century"

Saturday, October 10, 2:00-3:30: Session Seven

7A. Science, Medicine, and the Body
Chair: Stephen H. Cutcliffe, Lehigh University
  • Peter Perreten, Ursinus College, “Dr. George de Benneville: Transatlantic Preacher and Physician”
  • Kevin Joel Berland, Pennsylvania State University, Shenango, “Signs Diagnostick, and Prognostick: The Evolving Language of Temperament in Physiognomy”
  • Philip Wilson, Pennsylvania State College of Medicine, “That Other Darwin: Anna Seward's 1804 Biographical Reflections upon Dr. Erasmus Darwin”
7B. Bibliography, Textual Studies, and Book History II
Chair: Judi Jennings, Kentucky Foundation for Women
  • Scott Enderle, University of Pennsylvania, "Sacred Forms, Secular Commerce: Ideas about Ideas in the Literary Property Debates"
  • Eleanor F. Shevlin, West Chester University, "Illustrating the Sacred with the Secular on Paternoster Row: Harrison's Gulliver's Travels and Cooke's The New Christian's Bible
  • Nancy A. Mace, US Naval Academy, "Calculating Music-Sellers’ Profits in Late Eighteenth-Century England"
  • Patricia Gael, Pennsylvania State University, "The Book Review in England Before 1749”
7C. Research in Progress II
Chair: Paul Kerry, Brigham Young University
  • Jeffrey S. Tucker, Brigham Young University, “Psychic Physiology: Hermetic and Spiritual Mysticism in the Medical Philosophy of Friedrich Schiller”
  • John P. Heins, National Library of Art, “Zurich Enlightenment: On Solomon Gessner's Intellectual Environment”
  • Manuel Schonhorn, Dinghmans Ferry, “Are you my Father? Fatherhoods Three in the Eighteenth-Century British Novel”
  • James E. May, Pennsylvania State University, DuBois, “Love of Fame and Other 'Universal Passions' in Eighteenth-Century Britain”
7D. Foreign Intelligences
Chair: Brijraj Singh, Hostos Community College of CUNY
  • Frances Singh, Hostos Community College of CUNY. “Jane Cumming, missing since 1812”
  • Mahasweta Barua, University of Delaware. "From Heathen Drink to the 'Cup that Cheers': Tea Travels West"
  • Brijraj Singh, Hostos Community College of CUNY. "Bartholomaeus Ziegenbbalg and Sir William Jones as Interpreters of Indian Culture"
  • Yu Liu, Niagara County Community College, “Walpole, Chinoiserie, and the Chinese Link of the English Garden”

Saturday, October 10, 3:45-5:15: Session Eight

8A. New Work in Eighteenth-Century French Studies
Chair: Marie-Hélène Chabut, Lehigh University
  • Cristina Berdichevsky, Gallaudet University, “Violating Sacred Intimacy: Reading Marie-Antoinette's and Mme de Stael's Correspondences”
  • Michael Mulryan, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, “L-S Mercier’s Dysphoric Vision of Chaos and Corruption in Tableau de Paris
  • Jeffrey Leichman, Sarah Lawrence College, “Perilous Parenting: Surrogacy and Structure in La Chaussee's Comedies Larmoyantes
  • Jennifer Germann, Ithaca College, “Dress in Portraits: Eighteenth-Century Visuality and La Mode”
8B. Blurring the Boundaries: Religion and Passion in the Arts: Session II
Chair: Linda Reesman, Queensborough Community College; The City University of New York
  • Brenda Hornsby Heindl, University of Delaware, “Pottery and Piety: Moravian Potters in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 1744-1795”
  • Sean Ireland, California State University, East Bay, "Olaudah Equiano's Commodification of Self Through Education”
  • Linda Reesman, Queensborough Community College; The City University of New York, "Dissenting Views and Liberal Sentiments"
8C. Late 18th Century Writers: Research in Progress from Primary Sources
Chair: Beverly Schneller, Millersville University 
  • Lisa Berglund, Buffalo State University, "Revisiting Europe from Weston Super Mare: Hester Lynch Piozzi's 1819 Marginal Commentary on Observations and Reflections of a Tour of France, Italy and Germany
  • Lorna J. Clark, Carleton University, "Dating the Undated: Layers of Narrative in Frances Burney's Court Journals"
  • Beverly Schneller, Millersville University, “Using Inchbald's Diaries to Find the Woman Behind the Mask
8D. American Political and Religious Thought
Chair: William Pencak, Pennsylvania State University
  • Nathan Friend, Lehigh University, “The Last Puritan: Jonathan Edwards and the Problem of True Conversion”
  • James Kirschke, Villanova University, "William Livingston (1723-1790) and the King's College Religious Controversy: A Case Study of the Interplay between Imperial Power and Colonial Politics"
  • Jack Fruchtman, Towson University, “Jefferson, Hamilton, and Paine: Constitutionalism and the Future American Economy”

8:30 - 9:00: Coffee and Pastries - Sponsored by The Humanities Center, Lehigh University


Sunday, October 11, 9:00-10:30: Session Nine

9A. "Public History: Making 18th-Century Life Relevant to 21st-Century Lives"
Chair: Jan Ballard, Jacobsburg Historical Society
  • Rusty Baker, Membership & Marketing Coordinator, PFMHO, "Statewide Funding Issues in Historical Organizations"
  • Bernard Fishman, Executive Director, Rhode Island Historical Society, "The John Brown House in Providence, RI: Bringing Your Historic Home From Saint, To Sinner, To Historian"
  • Diane Windham Shaw, Director, Special Collections & Archives, Lafayette College, "Retooling an 18th Century Hero for the 21st: A New Look at the Marquis de Lafayette"
9B. 18th-Century Authors Defend Their Works from the Beyond
Chair: Theodore E. D. Braun, University of Delaware
  • Dale Katherine Ireland (California State University, East Bay) and Sean Ireland (University of California, Berkeley), “Hats are of no use now, as you say, Except to Throw up Into the Air and say Huzza With.” Samuel Johnson and Hester Thrale ask, "Are we dead?"
  • Joseph Byrne (University of Maryland) and Theodore E. D. Braun, (University of Delaware), “Mr. Blake, How Can I Publish this 'Marriage of Heaven and Hell'?” (Being a dialog between William Blake and his publisher, Joseph Johnson)
9C. Punishment, Revolt and Reparations in the French Caribbean
Chair: Emily K. Musil, Lafayette College
  • Kate Bonin, Independent Scholar, “From Saint-Domingue to Haiti: Contested Legacies of Colonial Revolt in Metropolitan France”
  • John Savage, Lehigh University, "White Terrors: Old Regime Justice in the post-Revolutionary French Caribbean"
  • Yvonne Fabella, University of Pennsylvania, "Old Regime Punishments in the New World: Race, Slavery and Violence in Late-Colonial Saint Domingue"
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